Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Pubic Works Keeps Waterways Hazard Free



By Nancy Richie

The Public Works Department took to the waterways this past week to remove an entire coconut palm tree that was found floating near the mouth of the Roberts Bay entrance. With the entire 30 foot trunk submerged and just the fronds floating on the surface, it was cause for hazardous navigation in this area.

Mike Daniel, using the Public Works Carolina skiff, hooked the tree and pulled it to a

Pulling palm through waterway for removal. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Pulling palm through waterway for removal. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

nearby undeveloped property. With the help of Public Works Mike Chidester on the front loader, the tree was removed from the canal, cut into pieces for transport and disposed properly at the Collier County landfill. There was no evidence from where the tree originated.

As a reminder, no vegetation debris, including grass clippings and yard waste, should be disposed into the canal waterways. Please report waterway debris concerns to the Public Works Department at 239-389-5018.

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