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Primitive Savages… Sept. 11, 2012

The Embassy after the attack. submitted PHOTOS

The Embassy after the attack. submitted PHOTOS


Tarik Ayasun

Exactly eleven years to the day, primitive savages in Libya attacked the American Consulate in Benghazi and assassinated our Ambassador Christopher Stevens along with three others; two of whom happened to be former SEALS. Earlier in the same day more primitive savages in Cairo, Egypt attacked the American embassy, climbed over the walls, entered the embassy grounds, shredded our flag and burned it. Further attacks followed on September 12 and 13, in Yemen and Tunis as well as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Morocco.

Official reason given was the showing of an obscure movie; a 15 minute trailer of which was posted on the internet back in June and as of September 11, 2012, it was viewed by less than two thousand people. The movie allegedly made fun of Prophet Mohammed and showed him in a bad light. Let there be no mistake; this stupid little movie had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks. If anyone believes that story for a fleeting moment; I have a bridge that connects Australia to Malaysia I can sell them.

The attack in Benghazi was conducted with military precision by members of Al-Qaida in Libya to get revenge for the killing of Osama bin Laden. I am further alleging that all the attacks on all US Embassies and Consulates in Muslim countries in North Africa and the Middle East are not individual events but well planned and well coordinated acts of terrorism by true primitive savages. I have stopped calling these animals “radical Muslims” a long time ago because they have gone above and beyond that title. Anyone who would kill an ambassador who helped them get rid of a brutal dictator can be nothing but a primitive savage.

America must wake up and smell the gunpowder that lingers in the air. As I have written in this column over and over in the last two years, we continue to be our own worst enemy. Our leaders see the world through rose colored glasses and continue to live in la-la-land. When are they going to realize that these people hate us; they never loved us; they never liked us; they only tolerated us because they were afraid of us and they wanted our money. Since we decided not to flex our muscles but to apologize to these brutes at every turn; they no longer fear us but truly hate us. They want us all dead. What is so difficult to come to grips with this reality? Friends, Americans and my countrymen; wake up! Our embassies and consulates are our territories in these countries protected by international treaties and local laws. When they attack our embassies, when they kill our ambassadors and citizens; they are declaring war on us and the only response should be to return the favor!

Last year when I wrote that the Muslim Brotherhood would take over in Egypt, I received some mail accusing me of being anti-Muslim, bigoted and being an Islamophobic! Ladies and gentlemen, the Muslim Brotherhood is now in charge of Egypt and already threatening their neighbors.

My last article in this spot was named “Your best friend, your worst enemy”. We have been the best friend of the Egyptians as we helped them remove Hosni Mubarak; we were their best friend when we helped them remove Kaddafi in Libya; we were their best friend in Tunis when we helped them remove President Ben Ali. After they burned our flag, killed our ambassador and our citizens; it is now high time we become their worst enemy.

We must as a nation understand that there could be no diplomacy without any show of power. No one will listen to our romantic concepts of Islamic Democracies and “friendly” primitive savages unless we couple our diplomatic efforts with show of shear power.

These savages are no longer afraid of us; they do not respect us. We should take immediate and decisive action against the perpetuators.

Americans must never, ever allow a bunch of dirty handed savages tear down and burn our flags, attack our embassies and kill our ambassadors and citizens. Our government must immediately freeze all financial aid to Egypt, Libya, Tunis, Pakistan, Bangladesh and others.

It is now time to be their worst enemy…

Tarik Ayasun is presently President of the Marco Island Charter Middle School; Board member of the Marco Island Police Foundation and the Marco Island Rotary Club, he has given many years of community service to various organizations.

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