Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Please Do Not Trash the Beach!

Photos by Maria Lamb
| Left overnight – for the second time in one week – the raccoons and rats picked open all the plastic bags and had a feast! Trash was not picked up till 7:45 AM the next morning.


Photos by Maria Lamb
| Trash at South Beach on Memorial Day morning. Officials from Collier County assured the author that trash pickup is scheduled for mornings and late afternoons. (I don’t think the evening pick-up is happening.)

We have a beautiful beach and residents enjoy going to the beach everyday – it is part of their quality of life. Unfortunately, some people visiting the beach leave their trash and depend on others to pick these up for them! Sometimes there is so much trash on the beach that I wonder how it ever got this way. In a typical monthly two-hour beach clean-up, volunteers collect 60 to 100 pounds of trash…in just two hours! Some types of trash end up in the ocean and potentially eaten by marine animals and shorebirds. The beach and the ocean is home for many wildlife such as fish, sea turtles and birds; the birds and sea turtles depend on a clean beach to nest and to rest. They were all here before us but we, as visitors, sometimes have a very poor sense of stewardship since we are often the polluters.

Many people travel to Marco to visit this little strip of six-mile beach and sad to say, that once the sun goes down, there are heaps of trash left on the beach for others to pick up! Is this fair?

Join a Beach Clean-Up and make a Difference: June 6, 2021, at South Beach from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM, sponsored by BACR and Chamber of Commerce. Please come and make a difference.



2 responses to “Please Do Not Trash the Beach!”

  1. M C LESKE says:

    The amount of trash on our beach is simply outrageous! What a sad situation…we have too many people coming to the beach who do not care about their impact. Action is needed.

    Articles like this one are important to bring awareness to the issue Thank you.

  2. Mary Aronin says:

    Those beach trash pictures are deplorable. The city and county should schedule extra pick ups the evenings of holiday weekends. There should never be trash piled high overnight. The City of Marco Island needs to update their trash containers to be wildlife proof. We don’t want to attract crows, raccoons, etc. to the beach and then have them dig up and eat sea turtle eggs which raccoons have been known to do. Thank you for keeping this very important human made and human solvable issue on our radar.

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