Friday, April 10, 2020

People’s Choice?

Letter to the Editor

As you know, every few years we, the people of Marco Island elect fellow residents to be city councilors. Those councilors manage the needs of our city for the duration of their terms.  

However, from time to time, questions come up that should, I believe, be decided by Marco voters and not by seven city councilors. One such issue is the question of whether or not recreational marijuana should be available and sold on Marco if and when Florida someday legalizes that currently illegal drug. Bear in mind, please, that my subject here is recreational marijuana and not medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is legal, available, and very helpful to patients with their doctor’s prescription. 

In my opinion, the best interests of Marco Island residents aren’t served by adding the sale of recreational marijuana to the already local dizzying availability of alcohol. Of course, others might disagree with my opinion. I strongly believe this question should be decided by the voters of Marco and not by just seven city councilors. 

Happily, we could have the question placed on the August ballot this year for your vote if sufficient voter-petitions are signed and submitted with that request. If you, as a registered Marco voter, also feel that you should have a say either way in this matter, please do sign and submit a petition. As a Marco resident, I’m concerned enough to respond with a printable petition if you simply ask me for it at 

Russ Colombo 

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