Goodland Spirit

An upbeat feeling is stirring Goodland these days.  We know spring is coming, but this feeling is more than that.  It’s a bona fide spirit. For starters, events like the Mullet Festival, Boat Parade, Pancake Breakfasts and Garage Sale have been quite successful. New and long-time residents have been working side-by-side contributing time, effort and money to support civic projects. We […]

Isles of Capri

Women from La Peninsula condominiums on Isles of Capri prepared an international feast for friends and neighbors. The first of what will be an annual event embracing international traditional, music, foods and drink was celebrated on Isle of Capri. Included in the festivities was Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico and Japan. Rosa, who is on staff at La Pen, not only lent […]

A Word of Advice

We recently were contacted by a family who had been red tagged by the City of Marco Island. These folks had been victimized by someone who had portrayed himself as a licensed contractor and who had given them the impression that he had taken care of necessary paperwork (permits, etc.). It turned out he was unlicensed and obviously not an […]

Tax Scams

Dear Coastal Breeze News, There is a scam going around and I want to warn residents. I am a CPA and prepare tax returns. One of my 84 year old clients called me almost in tears. Someone called her and said they were from the IRS and she owed $25,000. She told them she had a CPA and this wasn’t […]

Consequences my Mama didn’t tell me about

Part 2 of Living Legally OK, OK, sorry I made you wait. So what are the consequences you have to worry about if your house is sold at a short sale or foreclosure sale, transferred by a deed in lieu of foreclosure or is just getting smaller in the rear view mirror as you drive away? A big one is […]

Marco Plumbing and Electrical Supply – One Stop Shop

Maria Curiale has been a master carpenter, woodworker and mason most of his life.  Owner of Marco Building Supply for over 20 years, Curiale recently opened Marco Plumbing and Electrical Supply on Bald Eagle. “Combining the two facilities,” Curiale said, “offers a one stop shop for all encompassing home repair and building material needs for residential and commercial properties.” Working […]

What happened? No way!

Recently I met someone who was looking for a home to buy on Marco Island. They asked me to suggest some good buys. After discussing their lifestyle, I made a suggestion. Then they asked “why do you recommend this particular property?” “It’s one of the few that meets your criteria and budget”, I replied. The next response from the prospect […]

Taking care of self

Is this how you feel on Friday? It’s Friday! Hallelujah! It’s the weekend baby! Isn’t it amazing how good you f eel and the excitement that is generated on Friday? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could feel this good everyday and generate the same kind of excitement and enthusiasm Monday thru Thursday? Could it be that you’re so excited […]

Earning an Eagle Scout Merit Badge

The Boy Scouts of Troop 234 on Marco Island traveled to Sarasota’s Mote Marine Laboratory to obtain their required Eagle Scout merit badge for Environmental Science on March 14, 2010. We camped in Arcadia on Friday night after driving through a torrential rain storm. The boys toughed it out and set up camp in the darkness. The scouts rose early on Saturday, prepared a […]

Speaking of Travel

When my husband and I first started traveling to Europe, we knew a tour group was not for us. Good little lemmings we are not. So, we did the “grand tour” on our own, spending a few nights in each of the locations we wanted to visit. Soon, though, we discovered the joy of settling in to one “hometown” and […]