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Online Education for Entrepreneurs

Abby Yetter Submitted Photo

Abby Yetter Submitted Photo

Bright Ideas Small Business Solutions, LLC, a small business consultancy, will launch their online learning platform, the Bright Ideas Small Business Academy on September 5, 2017. The product is an affordable, intuitive, educational system that helps small business owners expand their knowledge in subjects like social media marketing, banking and bookkeeping, and human resources to master business ownership.

Abby Yetter, the CEO and Chief Consultant of Bright Ideas Small Business Solutions and creator of the Bright Ideas Small Business Academy, had several clients coming in for consulting with issues that could be solved with simple education. “Many of my first clients were excellent technicians who decided to become small business owners. But even though they were the best mechanic around for miles, they didn’t know how to manage an auto repair shop,” Yetter explained. “I wanted to help small business owners learn what they need to know to be successful in making the transition from employee to owner. That’s how the Bright Ideas Small Business Academy was born.”



Bright Ideas Small Business Academy students will be guided through user-friendly courses, leveraging tools that will help them tackle the challenges of small business ownership. The first course available today is for social media marketing, with courses on banking and bookkeeping and paperless organization to follow within the next few months. Companies with greater amounts of employees can even have custom accounts made with logins for multiple learners, such as if they would like their C-suite to take a course together.

“It shouldn’t be a struggle for small business owners to get the help they need to be successful,” said Yetter.

“Bright Ideas Small Business Academy is here to help owners, and their businesses, reach their full potential.”

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