Saturday, April 17, 2021

Oneir Real Estate

Gary Danielson, Larry Smith, Joe Charde and Andy Lutkoff. Submitted

Gary Danielson, Larry Smith, Joe Charde and Andy Lutkoff. Submitted

Veteran real estate broker Joe Charde has merged his operation into an innovative new real estate franchise known as Oneir Realty LLC. “Oneir” is Greek for “to dream.”

After almost 40 years in the real estate business Charde sees Oneir as a new approach in what has been a difficult and challenging market for the past few years. Charde believes that future success in real estate will depend, in large part, on imaginative use of new technology combined with a more rational compensation system for sales personnel and brokers.

Larry Smith, Oneir’s Chairman, developed a program that provides income for agents and brokers under which there would be an income stream even if the individual agent or broker does not close any transactions. In addition, Oneir will be providing advanced technology training to equip agents and brokers to deal more efficiently with markets.

Utilizing a team concept Oneir plans to develop a nationwide network that will lead to coast-to-coast cooperative working relationships. Part of the team concept will take the form of local operations in which team can assemble and pursue the most effective means to market property sales.

Former National Football League quarterback and current CBS commentator Gary Danielson has acquired the rights to the southwest Florida territory, and those operations will be headquartered in Tampa.

Marco Island’s Oneir operation is based at 207 North Collier Boulevard in a building with a long history in Marco Island real estate.

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