Sunday, April 11, 2021

Ode to Hippie Bread & Sassy Tarts at the Farmers Market

JC’s power bars and blueberry muffins.

JC’s power bars and blueberry muffins.

By Maria Lamb

Our sense of smell and taste contribute a great deal to our enjoyment of life, and a visit to Marco’s Farmers Market is an experience filled with mouthwatering loaves of bread, pastries, croissants and sweet tarts.

JC’s Daily Bread

Jon-Claude (JC) Stevens is the master baker at JC’s Daily Bread and he wants folks to know that there are no preservatives added to his baked goods. They are also made without adding unnecessary additional fats, sugar, eggs, butter or oil.

JC’s bestseller is the Italian Medley. He takes a batch of dough and adds to it (in exact order): minced garlic, sliced black olives, dried basil, dried oregano, and dried thyme. He mixes this for a specific amount of time before adding chunks of Romano cheese, followed by a generous amount of dried tomato, and just as he takes them out of the mixer, he adds a bunch of fresh basil.

The butterscotch bread is JC’s signature bread, made with butterscotch bits with or without roasted pecans. Ode to Hippie Bread is another popular item with its own following. According to JC, it contains seven different kinds of roasted nuts, raisins, cranberries, granola, a smidge of chocolate and hemp seed, when available. It is packed full of nutritious and tasty ingredients.

JC’s Belgian chocolate croissant also sells out very quickly. It contains three bars of Barry Callebaut chocolate batons in each pastry, and the delicate croissant dough is made from scratch daily.

JC’s Daily Bread has been coming to Marco for eight years. This is a family business with JC in partnership with his parents, Mark and Ginette Stevens. They are focused solely on breads and pastries to sell at area farmers markets throughout Florida. JC has an impressive background, graduating from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.

To contact JC, email him at or call 772-370-8911.

Sassy Tarts

According to Stephanie Albin, pastry chef at Sassy Tarts, their best seller is the Tipsy Pecan. It’s a pecan tart with chocolate chunks and small batch of Kentucky bourbon. They also sell a lot of the Lemon Berry Sunshine, which is a mixed berry compote tart with a sunburst swirl of lemon curd. Sassy Tarts will also be adding Key lime tart and blood orange and raspberry curd to their selection. “You can’t beat the taste of fresh squeezed Key limes,” added Stephanie.

Stephanie has not firmed up her Easter selection, but added that the French apple tart is always a classic favorite. The thinly sliced apples looks like a rosette and almost too good to eat. She might also add another favorite – crème brulee tart with fresh berries on top.

Sassy Tarts make their own fillings from scratch and there are no additives or preservatives. They use fresh fruits as much as possible. Everyone at Sassy Tarts has a culinary background. It runs in the family. Stephanie Brocardi Albin is the pastry chef and mom Paula and dad Jean-Pierre Brocardi were restaurant owners most of their lives. According to Stephanie, Sassy Tarts is an extension of her personality, and the play on words was too good to pass up, much like her culinary confections!

To contact Sassy Tarts, email Stephanie at or call 954-319-8341

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