Friday, May 7, 2021

November Will Bring New Council Chair

As November approaches most of us will begin to decide our Thanksgiving plans, but more importantly we will consider expressions of gratitude to family, friends, and especially to God.

I suggest we offer thanks to those City Councilors we deem true public servants. It clearly will be an individual choice, but allow me to earnestly encourage you to remember the words “public office is a public trust” in doing so.

In November our Councilors will select a new Chair who should be an individual who will advance the public interest as opposed to personal interest. Our Chair should be an individual not tainted by public corruption otherwise public trust is eroded. Our Chair should be an individual who understands that just power held is derived from the consent of the governed and that she or he are accountable for conduct displayed.

My belief is Councilor Roman who was unfairly overlooked last year is this individual. Please ask what justifiable reason exists for any of our former Chairs to hold a second term especially if a review of their accomplishments or lack thereof is conducted.

Remember compliance with Sunshine Laws means there cannot be deals made secretly this year as it appeared occurred last year. The reality is if Councilor Roman is not offered this position there will be no plausible explanation other than she was willfully blocked and that truth will be self-evident. Within the public true power lies, and Marco Islanders will recognize this travesty.

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