Tuesday, May 26, 2020

New Police Chief Settles In

You don’t get to be where Chief Tracy Frazzano has risen to without having a great attitude and a sense of direction for where you want to go. Academically, athletically and career-wise she’s always taken on the challenges and overcame them. Whether it was cracking the 1,000-point mark as a high school basketball player or as a starter on the Rutgers University Blue Knights softball team, she took no prisoners.

Academically she also excelled, whether it was in high school as a member of the Honor Society or in college holding dual master’s degrees. She also went on to excel in her academic professional life. At the FBI National Academy in 2015 in Quantico, Virginia she received the Distinguished Graduate Award which was bestowed upon her for her demonstrated leadership abilities.

Those on Marco that have met her have failed to come away with anything but a positive impression, and over the last several weeks she has met a lot of people. “It’s been a dizzying pace, but it’s been very rewarding meeting so many of the wonderful residents here on the island,” said Chief Frazzano.

Frazzano has been meeting with city leaders, citizens, and most importantly, her staff. “I’m making it a point to meet with all of our staff and hear from them what their concerns are. They are the foundation of the department and our ability to service the community to the standards they expect,” said Frazzano.

Although there are a lot of items she is working on, there is no item more important to the new Chief than filling some open positions. Recruitment is at the top of her agenda. “Due to the new contract the city council recently approved, I was provided with the ability to compete with other agencies around the area on a level playing field. The personnel and I all applaud their actions. Now it will be up to us to dig in and provide the citizens with the team needed to exceed their expectations,” said Frazzano.

She is planning no major changes as of this time, while she takes a deeper evaluation of the department and its personnel. Instead she is working on insuring all is in place as the city prepares to move into the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Both Chief Frazzano and the new City Manager Michael McNees are quiet-spoken and unassuming in their manner. Both love basketball and sports and are very competitive in nature, and appear to be settling well into their respective roles as two new leaders in the community.

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