Sunday, June 13, 2021

New home for Marco Island Academy



By Jane Marlowe

The closing of a door for Winterberry Christian Academy has opened a door for The Marco Island Academy. An article in this issue of Coastal Breeze News covers the beautiful Commencement Celebration held recently for the school’s graduating senior. This reporter heard many disappointed remarks from the guests about the closing of such a well appointed facility. WCA staff were philosophical about the future for their students and themselves, certain that a good result would follow the disappointment about the closing of their school. And so it is.

The Marco Island Academy announced Monday, June 13, that the charter school will open at the former Winterberry Christian Academy on the Baptist Family Church campus. The school will be housed in the former quarters of the Christian Academy which offers spacious, well lighted classrooms with room for a “state of the art science lab .” The one year lease enables the Academy to “develop the San Marco Rd. property at a slower pace” and to insure that the school opens on time. Gopher Tortoises and bromeliads were removed recently from the property for site preparation.

Charter schools do not receive public funding for start up and operational costs. “The law provides charter schools with flexibility to be located in many different venues. Florida Statute 1022.33 18(c) states that a library, community service, museum, performing arts, theatre, cinema, church, community college, college and university facilities may provide space to charter schools within their facilities under their preexisting zoning and land use designations.”

Jane Watt, Marco Island Academy Chair, commented “our main goal is to provide a high quality education to our students. The essentials are all in place at Winterberry and the students will have a great opportunity to start out in a well ordered, spacious school environment.”

Enrollment for the first school year is limited to 100 students with 70 enrolled at this time. Families are urged to contact the Academy promptly if they are interested in enrolling their children for the anticipated August opening.

Marco Island Academy will host an Open House early this summer to introduce staff and faculty and offer islanders an opportunity to visit their temporary home on Winterberry Dr. Please call Mrs. Eby, Guidance Counselor at 239-404-3622 if you have any questions or visit


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