Wednesday, August 21, 2019

More Plastic Trash from Beach Clean-up

“Trash is trash, whether it is biodegradable or plastic.”~ Katie O’Hara

Thanks to the Marco Island Sail and Power Squadron for a strong showing at the March 9th “Love your Beach” Clean-up at South Beach. The monthly beach clean-up was sponsored by Marco’s Beach and Coastal Resources Advisory Committee (BACR). Thanks to all the 60+ volunteers who showed up to help clean up the beach.

At the end of each clean-up, BACR and volunteers sorted every piece of trash that was collected during the two-hour clean-up. It is always a shock to see how much trash was collected in a two-hour clean-up from a “seemingly pristine and clean beach.” Most of our volunteers are shocked at how people can mistreat our beautiful beach.

Marco’s beach is becoming one big ashtray. Cigarette butts were everywhere – close to the surf; hidden under the white sand; around the trash cans and by the dune grasses.

A bucket full of cigarette butts – the Number One collected trash item at a beach clean-up.

Plastic is all over the beach! Plastic bottles and bottle caps; plastic wrappers of all sizes; plastic cutlery; plastic cups and lids bearing hotels’ names and logos; plastic and biodegradable straws still showing up large quantities.

All these items were brought to the beach by someone and left behind. At some point, these plastic items will make their way into the marine environment.

Please save the date:April 13th at 8 AM at Tigertail Beach; May 4th at 8 AM at South Beach, sponsored by Marco Island Area Association of Realtors.

The O’Donnell Family with a bucket full of ropes and fishing gear left behind by recreational anglers.  |Photos by Maria Lamb

Thanks to the members of Marco Island’s Sail and Power Squadron for “Loving your Beach.”

Katie O’Hara of the Chamber of Commerce unloading a bagful of trash.

Thanks to the members of the Democratic Women of
Marco Island for “Loving your Beach.”

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