Saturday, April 17, 2021

MISPS Change of Watch

The Marco Island Sail & Power Squadron (MISPS), the local chapter of America’s Boating Club, celebrated its 40th Change of Watch at the Marco Island Yacht Club. Outgoing Commander Rhonda Gloodt introduced District 22 Commander Susan Lomastro. Commander Lomastro congratulated the squadron for its awards for educational programs, community actions and vessel inspection programs. D/LT/C Ted Reiss was presented an award for his outstanding contributions and achievements directing the squadron’s educational offerings.

The highlight of the evening was the installation of the new bridge of officers. Commander Lomastro read the pledge as the new Commander Gene Burson raised his right hand and repeated the words that signified his selection as the squadron’s new leader. Incoming bridge officers were introduced and took their pledge to faithfully and impartially perform their duties. The new bridge officers are: Tom Morr, Executive Officer; Robert Smith, Administrative Officer; Earl N. Haldeman III, Assistant Administrative Officer; Thomas Ryan, Educational Officer; Meg Smith, Secretary; Teri O’Connell, Treasurer; John Maciolek, Assistant Educational Officer; Kathleen Reynolds, Assistant Secretary; Deborah Rago, Assistant Treasurer. Executive Committee members were then acknowledged: Steven Moore; Earl N. Haldeman III; John Salotto; and Rhonda M. Gloodt, past commander.

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