Thursday, June 17, 2021

Meals of Hope Needs 100 to Give $100

Marco Island Meals of Hope raises funds throughout the year for one big event. On November 16, 2019 more than 500 volunteers will meet at the Marco Island Charter Middle School with goal of packaging over 250,000 meals. The meals are distributed to needy families throughout Collier County and, on occasion, to meet emergency needs in other areas. Already, Meals of Hope has sent more than 200,000 meals to the hurricane devastated Bahamas Islands.

Meals of Hope is one of the most cost-effective charitable endeavors in the country. All of the money we raise, that’s right ALL, purchases raw materials for packaging and distribution to the needy. What are those materials? Marco Island Meals of Hope alternates between packaging fortified macaroni and cheese dinners and pasta with red sauce. These are not just any old macaroni meals, but are fortified with soy protein and vitamins so that the end product is a nutritional powerhouse. These meals are a godsend for the needy.

To package 250,000 meals, we need to raise $50,000. It looks like we will be $10,000 short this year. To some, that may not seem like a big deal because we can still pack some meals. But, to those who will not be fed because we missed our goal, it can mean an entire family going to bed without dinner.

We need your help. To reach our goal, we are asking for 100 generous people to donate $100 each. We call this 100 Giving $100. If you can help, please write a check for at least $100 to Meals of Hope and send it to Bill “Captain Happy Hope” Morris at 247 N. Collier Blvd., Suite 202, Marco Island, FL 34145. Marco Island Meals of Hope is an IRS Section 501(c)(3) charity, and in addition to our everlasting thanks, we will send you a receipt for your donation.

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