Thursday, June 17, 2021

Mark Batchelor, Candidate for District 1 Commissioner

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I am Mark Batchelor a candidate for District 1 Commissioner. I currently live in Lely Country Club. My family and I have lived and worked in Collier for many years and our grandchildren attend Collier public schools. I now think it’s time to run for political office. I am a veteran, worked at Xerox and Oce as a manager, combined for 30 years in Philadelphia. I am currently a property manager.

We are all concerned about the irreversible damage to our wetlands and water quality and improving the quality of restaurants and businesses along the East Trail from 5th Avenue to Marco Island.

I believe I am the only candidate with the business skills and life experiences to move Collier County into the future. The only way we can be successful is people with a common cause electing a person who has the skills and experience to accomplish these goals.

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