Thursday, May 6, 2021

Marco Town Center to “Kick Off” the Holiday Season

The Holiday Season will get a rousing start just a few days after Thanksgiving at Marco Town Center with the plaza’s Kick off To Christmas Celebration.

On November 29, participating businesses at the shopping center will feature day-long giveaways, raffles, sales and more for visitors.

“Every store will have a different special,” said Christie Marcoplos, president and CEO of the plaza’s Blue Mangrove Gallery. “The celebration will include the majority of the retail stores and the restaurants, and we’ll have a fun event for everyone to kick of the holiday season.”

As an example of the Kick off To Christmas specials, she said Blue Mangrove will offer a free piece of jewelry from a new line for every purchase of $100 or more.

“It will definitely be worth it to shop on that day, said Marcoplos. “We’re grateful for all of the island visitors and residents who support us, so we continue to do what we can.”

The holiday celebration will continue from 5 PM to 7 PM, December 6th, when the center will hold its Men’s Night. Marcoplos said all participating businesses will offer “some treats for the men,” such as free gift wrapping.

However, the remaining “treats” won’t be revealed until the day and time of the event.

This will be Marco Town Center first plaza-wide Christmas celebration in several years, a fact that has merchants there excited, she said.

“We’re really basically trying to let the island know that we are alive and well,” Marcoplos added. “We’re just trying to liven up the center and give residents something fun to attend. We have a lot of businesses that have been here for more than a decade. The stores are very diverse and carry wonderful items.”

Aside from the Blue Mangrove Gallery, other businesses participating in the Marco Town Center’s Kick off To Christmas Celebration are:

Georgie’s & the Shoe Resort
Marco Craft & Shell
Your Island Home
Summer Day Market & Café
Marco Island Cleaners
Island Time

Marco Town Center is located at the corner of Collier Boulevard and Bald

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