Thursday, May 6, 2021

Marco Realtors Charged in Ponzi Scheme

For the last six months the State Attorney’s Office for the 20thJudicial Circuit has been involved in the investigation which resulted in the arrests and charges against two individuals.  Joseph Charde, broker/realtor of the Charde Group at Oneir Realty, Inc. of Marco Island was charged with six felonies and a RICO charge.  In addition to Charde, Allen Duquet was charged with an additional 36 felonies, a RICO violation and a RICO conspiracy charge.

Due to the sophisticated nature of the economic crimes alleged to have been committed by the two, the investigation would require a lengthy forensic evaluation of the evidence by the State Attorney’s Office Economic Crimes Unit and investigators from Charlotte, Lee and Collier counties. State Attorney Amira Fox would describe the program allegedly developed by Charde and Duquet as a “Ponzi Scheme.”

The investigation stemmed from an initial complaint from an individual in Charlotte County, who is alleged to have been defrauded by the two men charged on Wednesday afternoon. That complaint would lead investigators to the discovery of up to 26 other victims of the alleged wide-ranging scheme, which involved investment opportunities in the building of the Sunseeker Resort in Charlotte County.  Duquet had originally been arrested in January on that initial complaint.

Duquet is charged with a long list of crimes, which include; racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, aggravated white collar crime, First Degree Grand Theft (12 counts), Second Degree Grand Theft (17 counts), Third Degree Grand Theft (three counts), Criminal Use of Personal Identification Information (two counts) and Second-Degree Money Laundering over $20,000.

The charges against Charde include; RICO Conspiracy, First Degree Grand Theft and Second Degree Grand Theft (four counts).

Joseph Charde

Allen Duquet

5 responses to “Marco Realtors Charged in Ponzi Scheme”

  1. Phyllis Bator says:

    Joe Charde, I am so disappointed in you. You were a church goer, and loved the Lord. How could you betray him like that? I will pray for you. I hope you repent. You have grieved the Holy Spirit. God loves you, but you need to repent and start obeying him. You have disgraced yourself. For what??? Money? The love of money is the root of all evil. You have proven that to be true. Stay true to Jesus.

    • Gregory Charde says:

      The last thing my brother needs right now is Your Disapointment. Your Prayers are welcome ,
      Otherwise please keep your judgment for HIS maker , I’m sure he has been in touch with the big guy and they have spoken at length. There is not a person who knows Joe who was not shocked, myself incl.
      But that does not mean I will not stand next to him,no judgement, leave that stuff for the big guy, Greg Charde

    • Caroline says:

      It’s sad that you’d take what the media is feeding you as face value. If you really knew my dad you’d know this is not him. His crime here is being too trustworthy of a manipulative, narcissistic monster of a partner in business. I’ll be praying for you❤️ Phyllis.

  2. Anthony & Christine says:

    100,000.00 deposit on a condo in March 2009 in fiddlers creek. No closing till November 2009 and postponed for 2 days because of no escrow money at closing. We should have gone to the Florida real estate commission at that time. What goes around comes around.

  3. Jesse Peeler says:

    I have been praying for you Joe. You were instrumental in causing me to start my walk with Christ and for that you’ll always hold a special place in my heart. I keep Julie and Caroline in my thoughts and prayers as well. Love you all, Jay

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