Friday, July 10, 2020

March Fishing Forecast

Follow the Fish

Finally, warmer waters and warmer weather is drawing near. The waters in the 10,000 Islands region will also be calmer than the winter months, which means that spring fishing has arrived, and with it, plenty of exciting fishing possibilities. 

When the weather shifts in this way, the 10,000 Islands becomes one of the best spots to catch a prize fish in the entire state—and the entire southeast. You can still expect some choppy waters and winds, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to fish. 

For March, there are some fish that can be targeted. Most of them are shallow-water species, but they bring plenty of challenge and excitement to a fishing trip. Here’s a look at some of the main types of fish that will be striking during March. 

  • Snook – Highly elusive and preferring faster moving currents in shallow waters, Snook season begins in full force in March. Catching these fish can be tricky, and while they’re usually found in areas around docks or mangroves, they can be one of the harder fish to land due to their elusiveness. They mainly strike live bait, and you can expect a fight from them! 
  • Speckled Trout – Fun and fairly easy to catch, speckled trout are in season throughout the year. Each angler is allowed to keep up to three between 15 and 19 inches, and they can be found in the shallower water in grass flats during March. They’ll strike live bait as well as artificial and are a great option for those looking to land a few fish without as much frustration. They’re also perfect when fishing with kids. 
  • Redfish – Redfish season is open throughout the year as well, and you’re allowed one per day as long as it’s between 18 and 27 inches in length. They primarily linger in oyster beds in the shallow waters, and your best options are using the light spin tackle to draw them out. Like Snook, they can be an interesting challenge for even the most experienced fisherman, and landing one is rewarding, to say the least. 

With water temps reaching the mid-70-degree mark and the coastal waters and winds finally calming down, there are numerous fishing options out there for you to experience. It’s just a matter of planning your trip and a little luck! If you’re ready for a fishing adventure you won’t’ forget, we are always here and ready to make it happen. 

Keep in mind that if you are interested in learning more about fishing in our area, it’s best to hire a professional guide before going out on your own to gain local knowledge of tackle, baits, areas to fish, local regulations, and more. Send us an email or give us a call to schedule an “on the water” educational fishing charter. Our specialty is getting families out for an enjoyable and memorable day in the shallow and calm waters here in the 10,000 islands and the Everglades National Park, FL. We can be reached at or shoot us an email at or 239-571-1756.

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