Sunday, December 8, 2019

LTE: Trump’s Betrayal of Our Allies

On September 12, 2001, NATO invoked a mutual defense clause (Article 5) in its founding treaty promising that the United States would have the support of the allies if it took military action against those responsible for attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. ‘’If it is determined that this attack was directed from abroad against the United States, it shall be regarded as an action covered by Article 5 of the Washington Treaty.’’

Article 5, the cornerstone of the alliance, says ‘’an armed attack’’ against any of the allies in Europe or North America ‘’shall be considered an attack against them all.’’ In the 50+ years of the NATO Alliance, it is the only time Article 5 has been invoked. And NATO fought with us in Afghanistan.

A few days ago, the president of the United States abandoned our allies, the Kurds. The Kurds were the main fighting force on the ground allied with the US to defeat ISIS. They are being slaughtered by the Turkish army as I write this. And ISIS prisoners are escaping because the Kurds cannot fight the Turkish army and control the ISIS prisons at the same time.

I feel pretty confident in saying that if we ever again need the support of our allies, we will be left alone to our own devices. And after the way Trump has treated our allies, I don’t blame them.

Patricia Molloy
Marco Island

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