Saturday, May 8, 2021

Local First Responders Awarded

Collier County Emergency Medical Services Department’s Phoenix Award recognizes emergency personnel who successfully resuscitated a cardiac arrest victim from clinical death.

These individuals were not breathing/had no heartbeat, and were literally brought back to life by first responders. The award is named after the Phoenix, a mythological bird that rose from the ashes after its death.

In total, over 160 emergency response personnel were recognized at the recent Collier County Phoenix Awards Ceremony. First responders from Collier County were recognized for resuscitating 31 patients during a six-month period.

Marco Island is proud of its brave and dedicated first responders who have been recognized with the Phoenix Award:

Marco Island Fire Rescue Department

Firefighter/Paramedic Brian Asbel
Deputy Chief David Batiato
Division Chief Tom Bogan
Battalion Chief Chris Crossan
Firefighter/Paramedic Anthony Gordon
Firefighter/Paramedic Matt Lund
Firefighter/Paramedic Nicholas Macchiarolo
Capt. Leo Rodriguez
Firefighter/Paramedic Jesse Yarnell

Marco Island Police Department

Sgt. James Inlow
Officer Lorenzo Smith

Congratulations to the Marco Island Fire Rescue and Police departments for your outstanding service to the community.

First time Phoenix Award recipient Firefighter/Paramedic Matt Lund, wife Chelsey and newborn son Jagger. (Submitted Photo)

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