Sunday, May 9, 2021

Local Author Launches New Crime Thriller

Peter Karl is fond of saying he never grew up, but just got old. Ask anyone that knows him, and they will tell you Peter never took the time to grow old, he was too busy living life and pushing the envelope as far out as he could.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Karl earned a bachelor of science degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from Wayne State University in Detroit. Before the ink was dry on his diploma, he moved to Chicago to earn his master’s degree in Political Science and Public Policy Analysis from the University of Illinois.

Author Peter Karl.

Karl fell in love with the Windy City while studying there and put down his roots, working in the newsrooms of both the NBC and ABC affiliates as an investigative reporter for 27 years. That work would earn him awards in his field, which included: George Foster Peabody Award, Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, two Columbia-duPont Awards, 11 Regional Emmy Awards, four Ohio State Awards, two American Bar Association Silver Gavel Awards, National Headliner Award, Peter Lisagor Award, and a United Press International Best Reporter Award, to name a few.

After retirement in 1991, Karl became the founding partner in Karl Productions, Inc. His company specialized in government and corporate communications, including law enforcement, community policing videos and documentaries. Karl also served as host and chief correspondent for Crimewatch, a television news magazine which examined Chicago’s successful community policing efforts.

He would split his time between Chicago and Marco Island during that time period, until his retirement only a few years ago, when he would call Marco his permanent residence. He is a member of the Island Country Club’s “F Troop,” which participates in many charitable efforts on the island.

Karl’s creative juices haven’t stopped flowing, however, and he has launched a new endeavor as a writer. “I was used to having the camera lens portray the story for the viewer when I was a television reporter. Now my responsibility is to tell the story so the reader can visualize the words in his mind, while he reads the story. It is important that my writing does that for the reader now,” said Karl.

Three and a half years later and 5,000 pages of research is about to show Karl whether he was successful in this new venture. He must feel confident, because he has begun work on a second novel which will center on the dark under-belly of Chicago.

“On the Night of a Blood Moon” was released on March 29 to the general public by Amazon and Karl is extremely excited about its prospects.

This novel revolves around the brutal and sadistic murder and rape of a young lady in the Chicago neighborhood known as Area 4. During 1986, 87 and 88 there were more homicides committed in that area than the total of 31 other U.S. states combined.

Although the names in the book are different, the story is based on an actual homicide which initially saw four individuals convicted and sentenced. They were released after 16 years due to DNA evidence. Subsequent to that, another two individuals were arrested and plead guilty, but are now suing the City of Chicago.

“This case still haunts residents in Chicago still today after 33 years,” said Karl. “It is a story that needed to be told,” he added.

There will be launch parties held on the island for the book, which is available on Amazon. Half of the profits from the book’s sale will be donated to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation which assists the families of fallen officers or those affected by catastrophic injury or illness on the job.

Karl is the proud father of two lovely daughters, Amy and Melanie. He is the youngest brother of Barbara, Mary Ann and Michele. He was an avid sailor and kept his boat downtown in Chicago. He captained the vessel “Dr. Detroit,” a Chicago-to-Mackinac race winner during his sailing days and was an avid Harley rider.

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  1. Ali shaieb says:

    Nice story

  2. George schaieb says:

    Nice story on Pete Karl. Went to school with him at st Juliana. Wish him much more success

  3. Shabazz79 says:

    This guy is a complete fraud. It’s amazing how he has deceived those around him.

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