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Sign the Petition: Save Marco Golf and Garden

While MICA is a respected Association of Marco Island, many Islanders are disgruntled with MICA’s legal action to close Marco Golf and Garden. Many of these residents are MICA members!!

Sign the petition, let MICA know that you are unhappy with their action… Ask that they allow Marco Golf and Gardens to re-open. Petition information/locations…. e-mail

Respectfully submitted

Virginia Bingle of Marco Island


Thanks for your support

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for the great support that we have received from the community, including from many individual members of MICA. Second, we take great pride in having created a botanical garden special to our island. Third, we take great comfort having made people of all ages happy playing miniature golf.

We respect the trial court but are proceeding to ask it to reconsider its ruling. If it does not, the ruling will be immediately appealed. During this time of review, we are seeking a stay which would stop the course from being destroyed and the gardens leveled.

While we are obviously more than disappointed with the court’s ruling, an immediate appeal will hasten the appellate court’s review of the two underlying issues effecting the entire island community. First, we maintain that the Deltona deed restrictions were extinguished years ago and MICA has no right to try to enforce them. Second, despite having collected possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars, MICA has never had the right to charge any fees to any property owner for its architectual approval.

As to our miniature golf course, it will reopen. The only question is when. Thank you again for your support.

Marco Golf and Garden

Sadness in my heart

There is great sadness in my heart that MICA has forced Marco Golf and Garden to lock their gates and close the window to their pro shop. As the senior bartender at Sasso’s, the restaurant located adjacent to this mini-golf, I have seen first hand the fun and heard the joyful voices of the families, couples and groups of seniors who have enjoyed playing the well appointed and designed course. A great example of how well appointed this venue is, it was awarded the “Marco In Bloom” 2013 Winter Commercial Property.

However, I am expressing a concern from another perspective. Having owned a marketing, advertising and graphic design business in a resort area of Vermont before moving to “paradise,” Marco Island is losing a great marketing opportunity. The challenge in a resort area has always been what a community can offer during the off-season. Marco Island has that opportunity of marketing itself a family-friendly destination. Families vacation when the school year ends. July and August are typically a soft time for businesses here. These families will need to make reservations at our hotels, rent condos, shop at boutiques and beach shops, dine out or buy groceries from our markets. Marco Golf and Garden is a step towards becoming a year-round destination.

Marco Island is home to many year-round families as evidenced by the new charter high school. Aside from the tourist impact, the buzz at the bar at Sasso’s is from our year-round locals who remember the putt-putt of years ago. They were excited that mini-golf was finally back!

MICA please, turn your tunnel vision into a wider view.

Jo-B Bromley of Goodland

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