Saturday, April 10, 2021

Letter to the Editor: YES to COPCN – but How MUCH Will It Cost?

The City Council has on it’s February 5th Agenda a Resolution (2018-XX) for discussion only. This is a draft of a Notice of Ballot Special Election a (Referendum Question) and coincides with the primary election to be held in August 28, 2018.

Here is the language of the Referendum Question as drafted:

“Should the City of Marco Island provide locally controlled and enhanced paramedic and emergency medical ambulance transportation services through the Marco Island Fire Rescue Department allowing the Marco Island Fire Rescue Department to provide prehospital and interfacility advanced (EMS) and basic life support transportation (ambulance) services and provide appropriate funding for these services?”

Answer: Yes or No

The ballot language made NO reference to funding sources! I am assuming the expenditure will be under the General Fund spending CAP.

To make an informed decision voters need to know costs and how residents are going to pay for these services.

Maria Lamb

Marco Island

One response to “Letter to the Editor: YES to COPCN – but How MUCH Will It Cost?”

  1. Russ Colombo says:

    There’s even MORE wrong with this ballot language: By omission, it implies to the uninformed voter that a “No” vote would leave city residents with no ambulance service at all. Of course that is a patently false impression. Ambulance service always has been, and will continue to be, provided by Collier County. If approved, any City ambulance service will be in ADDITION to County service…and costs.

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