Thursday, April 22, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Where are our other Councilor’s?



I’m very glad to see that Larry Sacher has already conducted his first “Coffee with the Councilor”, with great success. More people attended that coffee than normally attend the City Council meetings, which shows that people really are interested and really do have many unanswered questions.
Now, Mister Sacher has scheduled his second town hall type meeting, to be held on April 3rd.
Councilor Larry Honig has taken a different avenue and started a website where citizens can send in questions and topics of conversation and, I assume, receive answers to those questions.
That’s two of our councilors, or about 28% of our elected officials.
WHERE ARE OUR REMAINING COUNCILOR’S ???  Why are they dragging their feet?  Why are they not also holding the town hall meetings and ensuring transparency in government as promised?
Send emails to our Councilor’s, asking that they also hold town hall meetings with question and answer sessions.
And, after more than a year in office, all the councilor’s have finally posted their bio’s on the city’s website.
Thank you,
Bill Harris

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