Friday, May 14, 2021

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: God Bless Patriotic Americans!



This Veterans’ Day morning fifteen members of Flotilla 95, Marco Island’s Coast Guard Auxiliary unit, gathered in uniform at Hoot’s Restaurant for breakfast prior to attending the Veterans’ Day annual observance held at Veterans’ Park.

We follow this tradition every year.  We meet at Hoot’s and then go as a group to Veterans’ Park to honor our nation’s veterans.

This morning something very special happened. When the time came for us to pay our bill, the waitress informed us that a couple who had been sitting a few tables away from our group asked for our check and paid our bill including the tip. They asked to remain anonymous and left before we even knew what they had done.

All of us in attendance were moved by their gesture. Thank you to these people for their generousity  in honor of our veterans.

God Bless America… and God Bless patriotic Americans!

Roger M. Blau, Marco Island

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