Sunday, May 16, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Correct a Misconception

Because I’m a member of the PAC Ban Recreational Marijuana, I’m submitting this LTE first to correct a misconception and second to issue a plea for decency and honesty in our discourse. I hope I’m not barking at the moon in doing so.

Florida law allows Medical Treatment Centers to dispense medical cannabis. I like many want to afford Marco Islanders in our backyard every opportunity to alleviate suffering. Our proposed ordinance is only to ban recreational marijuana.

I and the others do not view this commitment as a hobby to incite conflict or seek relevance. Our time is expended for what we believe is right.

In Devan Patel’s 4/18/19 article Alex was quoted as stating “I am contacting lawyers in an effort to sue the City of Marco Island” as “We have the right to voice our opinions without the fear of being targeted”. It would seem Alex does not remember these remarks when he chastises our PAC. It would seem Alex trusts that his potential lawsuit is not frivolous.

Now as a retired LCDR, USNR I will implore my fellow veteran to realize that there is no need for further derogatory terms like has-been and obstructionist nor personal exposure. Should our City Council not adopt this ordinance the will of the people will be made known by the ballots cast; therefore, I respectfully suggest that all who feel so passionately ensure that they are registered voters in Marco Island.

Regina L. Dayton

Marco Island

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