Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Letter to the Editor



We were on Marco this past week visiting some good friends and took a boat trip to Key West. On the return trip we hit some incredibly bad weather, and as a result of the jostling, my wife fell in her stateroom and broke a vertebrae in her back. As soon as we got to our friend’s dock, he called the Marco Island Fire Rescue Department for assistance. They were at the dock in less than five minutes, and although it was quite a challenge to evacuate her from the boat, they were able to do so without exacerbating her condition. She was then transported to the hospital for tests, etc.

We’ve now been to Marco Island twice, and each time we are more impressed with what a wonderful paradise it is! I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t acknowledge the professionalism and compassion demonstrated by the entire Fire Rescue Department, and in particular, Chiefs Murphy and Jones for their steady leadership in a very difficult situation.

The people of Marco Island should be proud of how well their city department responded to this emergency, and we look forward to a more peaceful visit the next time.



Tom Mathias

Greenville, South Carolina

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