Friday, April 23, 2021

Letter to the Editor: 2014 Independent Survey for Marco Island Voters



My name is Joe Rola.

I have absolutely NO business interest on Marco except to enjoy my home and environs. I, like you, fell in love with Marco’s beach and residential charm. I am a Marco Island citizen with limited resources trying to get the word out.

Issues coming before the Planning Board and eventually Council will impact the “small tropical town character” of this island.

An immediate issue of concern is the Marriott Resort/Mass Mutual request for an amendment to the Marco Island Resort Planned Unit Development (PUD), on Collier Boulevard to expand beyond the agreement of 2001. Other similar issues to follow include a PUD request for the shopping plaza at the corner of Bald Eagle and Collier.

All these issues share a common thread that could alter the residential character forever through amendments that would alter our understanding density and increase height and intensity.

In an effort, to express the collective concerns of residents like myself, I am sending via email a survey, The 2014 Marco Island Independent Survey, to registered voters obtained through public records.

This survey is independent with no affiliation with any city or civic organization. This is my effort to obtain a census of opinion to issues that impact the residential character on this island. I ask you to complete and submit the survey. I shall compile results and provide to City Council and all respondents.

I simply need a few minutes of your time to save Marco Island as we know it today, and preserve the “small tropical town” that will be lost if we allow tax revenue to be the dominant drive to development.

If you have not received the survey and wish to participate and have your opinions heard, please contact me:

Joe Rola,




Mr. Joe Rola

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