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By Joanne Tailele

Published Dec. 2010 by Simon & Schuster. BY LISA GENOVA

Sarah Nickerson awoke from a coma to a mysterious condition caused by a brain injury sustained in a car accident. As a PHD from Harvard and a high powered businesswoman and mother, she was not unacquainted to challenges. On a daily basis she juggled more balls in the air than most and thrived on the adrenalin it provided. However, this was one confrontation that changed all the rules.

Left Neglect is a real condition that mentally dismisses anything to the left; a left hand, the left side of the room, the left side of a book or a picture. But it also mysteriously fills in the blanks so the patient does not know anything is missing. With a PHD in neuroscience from Harvard herself, Lisa Genova has the incisive ability to describe this rare affliction with factuality and humor.

It sounds absurd to say I laughed out loud at the predicaments that Sarah encountered struggling to prevail with this condition. But it is true, I laughed. And I cried and learned about how our brains can be the most amazing instruments or play the dirtiest tricks on us.

Sarah had to find her way back from her affliction, and she needed help. Her mother, from whom she had been estranged for most of her life, became her lifeline. Her family whom she loved very much had to adapt to a new and different wife and mother. Sarah is so real; you will forget she is a fictional character with a real life challenge.

My prediction is that this will be on the 2011 top seller list. Well written, great plot and two equally poignant sub-plots, realistic characters and a sense of humor through tragedy, makes this a winner in my book.

Joanne Tailele has been a full time resident of Marco Island for two years. Born in Youngstown, her last “home” for 12 years was Columbus, Ohio. Between Joanne and her husband, she has six children and nine grandchildren. She works as a receptionist for a local real estate company.

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