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Leadership Marco Class of 2016



By Samantha Husted

The Marco Island Chamber of Commerce Leadership Marco program is a course that brings together potential community leaders and immerses them in Marco’s culture and history. During the four-month long program participants get an in depth look at all aspects of our island community. By the time graduation rolls around in January, students will be well educated on Marco’s history, hospitality, government, tourism, education, law enforcement, media and more.

This is part one of a two-part series to introduce our readers to the Leadership Marco Class of 2016. Each student brings with them an impressive list of extracurriculars and

Angela Johenning

Angela Johenning

goals for how they would like to impact Marco Island.

Learn about the other half of the Leadership Marco Class of 2016 in the next issue of Coastal Breeze News, which hits newsstands on September 16.

Angela Johenning, Regions Bank Business Banker

As a business banker, Angela Johenning is responsible for growing new relationships by developing relationships with Regions internal business partners. An alumnus of Kent State University, Angela is also a certified fraud examiner.

“I want to be known as someone who helped to preserve the Island and the nature that calls the Island home. This isn’t to say I’m against economic growth,

Brandi Tramazzo

Brandi Tramazzo

I am a commercial lender after all, but I do believe that growth on our Island needs to be strategic and thoughtful.”


Brandi Tramazzo, Founder of Fussy Fraulein, Inc.

In 2003 Brandi Tramazzo created Fussy Fraulein, Inc., a building maintenance and janitorial service. Brandi is also the CEO and founder of the Brandi Tramazzo Hero House for Recovering Warriors Foundation, a organization that provides vacation homes for military personal.

Originally from Kansas City, Brandi, like so many others who have come to Marco Island, has fallen “in love” with the community.

“I want to share it with others and the Brandi Tramazzo Hero House

Gene Burson

Gene Burson

for Recovering Warriors is a meaningful way to reach out and share our community. It’s more than attempting to leave a mark, its touching hearts.”


Gene Burson, Volunteer

Although retired, in the two years that Gene has lived on Marco Island he has dedicated himself to volunteer work. He is a member of the Fire Rescue Foundation, the Police Foundation, Christmas Island Style, the Marco Island Sail & Power Squadron, the Marco Island Beach Advisory Committee, the Marco Island Academy Athletic Boosters and a volunteer for Sunrise Rotary.

“Like many who came before me, I would like to leave a legacy of volunteer

Janice Baptiste

Janice Baptiste

accomplishments that would inspire others to do more.”


Janice Baptiste

Janice Baptiste was born on Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia. She has two children ages 24 and 20. Her son is a Naval Flight Officer stationed in Lemoore, California and her daughter is a junior at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Janice has worked with civic, church and non-profit organizations, donating her time and talents in financial and administrative services.

“With the breadth of individuals that take Leadership Marco and the variety of organizations and businesses that they represent, I feel that the program can foster relationships that support each

Ronald Rutledge

Ronald Rutledge

other and create growth potential for businesses, organizations, and our community as a whole.”


Ronald Rutledge, Volunteer

Ronald Rutledge is actively involved in many volunteer organizations on Marco Island. He and his wife Patricia, who is a graduate of the Leadership Marco 2014 class, spend their time working with various organizations. In 2016 the couple was recognized with the Rotary Club’s “Spirit of Marco Island” award.

“Although involved in many organizations and not-for-profits on the Island, I’m interested in seeing all facets of business and government here much more in-depth.”


Samantha Malloy, City of Marco Island Community Events Coordinator

Samantha Malloy has been working for

Samantha Malloy

Samantha Malloy

the City of Marco Island since 2010. As Community Events Coordinator Samantha is in charge of managing and facilitating special events. She is also the staff liaison for the Beach Advisory Committee and co-manager of the Farmer’s Market.

“The program has only just begun and already I see Marco Island in a new light. Learning the history and the stories of the key players who helped mold Marco Island to what it is today makes me feel even more so a part of the community.”

On how she would like to leave her mark on Marco Island Samantha said, “Even if it’s

Samantha Morris

Samantha Morris

in the smallest way, I want to be one who helps keep the ‘community’ in our city.”


Samantha Morris, Associate Attorney at William G. Morris, P.A.

Samantha Morris is an Ava Maria School of Law alumnus. She practices in the areas of probate, guardianship, estate planning, litigation, real estate, condominium law, corporations, family law, and landlord/tenant law. Samantha is also a past president of the Optimist Club of Marco Island and a Teen Court judge.

“I would like to contribute to our community by continuing to make it a better place to live and work as well as help meet the needs and solve problems of the people who live here both personally and in a professional capacity.”



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