Saturday, May 8, 2021

Kathein Jewelers Debuts Vivial Diamond Collection

The Kathein Jewelers team with Vivial CEO Shay Barak, second from the left Submitted Photos

The Kathein Jewelers team with Vivial CEO Shay Barak, second from the left Submitted Photos

Vivial offers an array of colorful, crystalline diamonds. Using their patented color-revealing technology, the company has unlocked the secrets of white diamonds. According to Vivial all diamonds contain a range of color that is hidden to the naked eye.

So how does a white diamond transform into a beautiful blue, green, yellow, or even red crystal? At Vivial each diamond is examined for the presence of trace elements such as Boron and Nitrogen. Once the diamond expert has discovered the trace particles within the diamond, they are able to predict the particles “movement within the crystalline structure over the millennia.” They then determine how the diamond would react after being exposed to elements of extreme pressure and temperature.



Once the color has revealed itself within the diamond, Vivial’s Operation Manager performs a final assessment. The diamond is entered into Vivial’s Color Matrix, which is a software program that determines the exact guidelines for recreating the conditions necessary to create that specific color.

Vivial has unlocked some of nature’s best-kept secrets. They have discovered how to simulate the conditions that bring forth a white diamond’s natural color. Their collection is beautiful, unique, and showcases every color in the rainbow.

Recently Shay Barak, CEO of Vivial, was on Marco Island representing the brand. Shay traveled all the way from Israel for the debut of the collection at Kathein Jewelers.

Experience the collection of rare diamonds in beautiful shades of pinks and blues that are sure to leave a little sparkle wherever you go.

Kathein Jewelers is located at 133 S Barfield Dr. Contact them at 239-259-8937 or visit their website

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