Tuesday, April 13, 2021

JCMI’s Stellar Season of Award-Winning Films

The Jewish Congregation of Marco Island (JCMI) is proud to present the 17th year of the Sidney R. Hoffman Memorial Jewish Film Festival — the first Jewish Film Festival in all of Southwest Florida. We strive to both educate and entertain our patrons to better appreciate Jewish life, culture and history and display how our lives intersect with the world at large.

This year we have the privilege of showcasing four films that will bring both a smile and a tear to your face, and, hopefully both inspire you and make you think about the human condition; for we are part of the tapestry of humanity. December: “Moos”

Our first offering is “Moos,” a delightful comedy about Jewish families and following your dreams. Moos is a young woman who cares for her father. But it’s Chanukah – how appropriate to be showing it in December – and a friend comes from Israel! Our main character learns about life, love and longing. You will be inspired by Moos and her story. Come and enjoy. January: “In Search of Israeli Cuisine”

We follow in January with “In Search of Israeli Cuisine.” Just the title makes you hungry! Watch while we learn that Israeli cuisine is really a reflection of both the cultures and people who make up the land of Israel. The film has been called “a foodie’s delight” by the movie critics, who have made this movie a cult favorite. It recently was awarded the Audience Award at the Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival. Who doesn’t like Jewish food? Now come and find out what that really means in the land of Israel… it’s not just milk and honey and chicken soup! February: “Fanny’s Journey”

In February we get serious. Our third film is “Fanny’s Journey.” The description almost sounds like “The Sound of Music.” The film is about Jewish children in an Italian foster home when the Nazis moved into Italy. They have to get out and get to a safe place. This film is based on a true story. Fanny, only 13 years old, will lead herself, her sisters and a group of other youngsters out of Italy. An incredible tale of bravery, strength and survival as these youngsters, against all odds, strive to reach the Swiss border and freedom. This film has won multiple Audience Awards in Jewish Film Festivals across the country, from Philadelphia, Atlanta, Denver and Los Angeles and many others. It is not to be missed. March: “1945”

And our final film is “1945.” This is a haunting film, dealing with a small village that deported its Jewish population in Hungary in 1944, and now has to face up to its “ill-gotten gains.” It deals with secrets, sins, reckoning, love, betrayal and confrontation. This film has been called “handsome and compelling” by Variety and has won Audience Awards in Miami and Chattanooga, and even in Berlin’s International Film Festival. This film will stay with you.

This season the JCMI presents a truly stellar and award-winning series of films. Look for our ad or check the website (www.marcojcmi.com) for dates and times, and send in your reservations. This promises to be the best series yet.

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