Sunday, April 11, 2021

It’s Never to Early to Be Prepared

Campers Learn About Planning for Emergencies

While children attending the ever-popular Camp Mackle, run by the City’s Parks and Recreation Department, have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities during the summer, last week gave them an opportunity to learn a little more about planning for emergencies.

Kelli DeFedericis, the city’s Flood Plain Coordinator visited the 160 or so attendees of the day camp held at the Mackle Park facilities last week. DeFedericis manages the city’s plan to deal with flooding and oversees the documents and plans concerning flooding on our barrier island.

She also helps maintain all of the Flood Plain information, which may assist in reducing your cost for flood insurance, by keeping a close eye on all the paperwork and submissions that are required by the federal agencies overseeing those requirements.

Every youngster in the room had a story about Hurricane Irma and many shared their experiences.

All plans for new homes and substantial renovations go across her desk to insure all of the necessary requirements regarding potential flooding and mitigation of conceivable damage are looked at.

During her visit with Camp Mackle attendees she spoke regarding the need to be prepared in case of another storm event. She would explain that not only hurricanes can cause damage, but heavy storms during the summer months are also potential culprits and do damage to homes and present threats to the safety of citizens.

The main thrust of her presentation was to speak to the need to be prepared and have a plan. Every youngster in the room had a story about Hurricane Irma and many shared their experiences.

Communication was another important part of her presentation. Staying in contact with each other and not assuming someone knows where you are.

They discussed the need to have radios in order to listen to the latest news about storms, flashlights to be able to see in the dark, and the importance of having your own emergency bag with many of the important items that will provide you comfort and aid.

You could say she was the hit of the day, as each child sat transfixed on her every word and eager to interact with their own stories and suggestions.

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