Sunday, April 11, 2021

Italian Anerican Society & Marco Patriots Feel the Christmas Spirit

Submitted Photo

Submitted Photo

The heritage of Italian Americans has always centered on family and friends. With the Christmas season here, the Italian American Society was determined to do something for their fellow Marco area families who were impacted by Hurricane Irma.

President Carol Marrella Lindstrom asked the membership for suggestions and a decision was made to go through their closets and make a donation of clothing for men, women and children.

Next was the task of transporting the donations to the hurricane victims. President Carol Marrella Lindstrom didn’t take long to call on ErinMia Milchman, from the Marco Patriots. Erin was quick to respond, “If you get the clothes, we’ll provide the truck and get the clothes to the most needy.”

At the monthly club meeting, members brought bags of clothing and placed them in large boxes outside Rose Hall Auditorium. Excitement ran high and the Christmas spirit was everywhere.

The Marco Patriot’s truck with ErinMia and her Patriot helpers came, and with the Society’s members loaded the truck with much enthusiasm.

It was a very special night for all, and the spirit of Christmas was aglow in their faces.

The Italian American Society wants to thank Matthew and Raymond Melican, David Copelin, Briana Ogden, and Kerrianne Greganto, along with ErinMia from the Marco Patriots for their help in taking our donations to the needy. Together anything is possible.

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