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Incoming Yule Tide

All That Glitters

Submitted Photo | Rebecca… that’s spicy Italian jewelry!

“Are you busy? Got a minute?”  

I’m a goldsmith and a jeweler on Marco Island days before Christmas, what do you think? It never fails they come out of the woodwork like clockwork every holiday season to make me crazy. Questions about Insignificant broken thingsat least they are to me at this point and time—usually costume jewelry that has been broken and sitting in a drawer since Perry Como debuted his first Xmas album, and dumb questions about even less important things. Even better, for reasons I simply cannot comprehend, Xmas week becomes “show and tell time. Any normal person will see my shop is humming with activity, holiday shoppers and browsers, every salesperson is occupied, and I’m just a blur of motion in the back workshop trying to finish current and lastminute holiday orders that I promised I would have ready by Xmas Eve AfternoonWhat was I thinking?! 

It’s enough to make any sane person not so sane. Last week one guy wanted to show me his entire watch collection. My jaw hit the showcase when he began opening up a small suitcase.  

“Sir the middle of September would be a better time and especially the weeks when I’m away on vacation! Please put it all away, I’m busy here!” 

On a good note, the first week of December has been awesome saleswise. I feel I chose the right kind of jewelry, and the early shoppers commented on the great array of choices, especially in gold and diamond sea life pieces, diamond stud earrings and single stone pendants are hotter sellers than I have seen in years. Of course, my assortment of gold and silver Marco Angels are still popular. While vacationing in Munich, Germany the year before I last saw a woman wearing my gold Marco angel, she said she bought it in my shop while vacationing on the island. So, cool… Apparently, I’ve gone international! 

Silver and two-tone gold and silver combination pieces are still popular, and my collection of vibrant blue and green Australian boulder opal set in solid gold is off the charts. But the best of the best and most popular in the shop is my line of jewelry from Florence, Italy “Rebecca” I debuted these classy pieces this past summer and sold it out twice, so I tripled the selection for the holidays. You have to see the pieces, very Euro, very sexy and fun to wear chic designs. Guys, this is the perfect stocking stuffer for her! 

As I mentioned in an earlier column, little is big right now. Small but glittery diamond pendants either with sea life themes or not they have all become a constant restock in the shop for the price points are very reasonable; and what woman doesn’t love diamonds large or small? 

Men’s jewelry has never really been a strong suit in my shop, they always want heavy gold chains or braceletswhich I haveand the cost today for them is pretty steep making most of the guys change their minds on that subject almost immediately. It’s been my experience here on the rock that I could have 10,000 men’s rings in stock, and it would never be the style they wantI’ll deal with glitter for the ladies, thank you! 

Once again, remember diamonds are forever and ever! My workshop is still busy as a beehive and I sure could use one or two of Santa’s elves right about now if he can spare them! 

Have a safe and happy holiday season, enjoy your friends and loved ones. A joyous and a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and very prosperous New Year! 

Richard Alan is a designer/goldsmith and the owner of the Harbor Goldsmith and has been Marco’s island jeweler since 1994. He welcomes your questions and comments about all that glitters! 2393949275 or 

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