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C. Scott Campbell

One of the most important services offered by any healthcare facility is emergency care. Physicians Regional Medical Center/Collier Boulevard is well aware of this priority and provides 24/7 emergency care services of the highest caliber to residents of Marco Island and surrounding communities.

Our state – of – the – art Emergency Room is staffed by physicians who are board certified in emergency medicine and supported by a quality nursing team and comprehensive diagnostic services. We are also pleased to report our hospital maintains quality and patient-satisfaction standards that hold a leading status in Southwest Florida.

Proximate to Marco Island, Physicians Regional works closely with Marco Island Fire Rescue and Collier EMS to ensure immediate access in an emergency situation.

Whether patient transport is by ambulance or personal transportation, our Collier Boulevard facility was designed to provide easy access including plenty of convenient parking and a straightforward registration process. Each patient is given individualized care in one of our 16 private exam rooms. This additional level of privacy and security greatly enhances the patient/physician experience.

All patients entering our Collier Boulevard Emergency Room are treated by doctors who are board certified and fellowship trained specifically in emergency medicine. The benefit to the patient is the knowledge that our ER physicians have the education and experience necessary to respond incisively in all emergency situations.

On call, each hour, is an additional group of medical and surgical physicians that comprise the Physicians Regional Healthcare System staff of over 300 doctors. Plus, in the event of hospitalization, all patients are cared for, once again in private rooms, by an excellent nursing and support staff.

Common reasons for seeking emergency care are chest pain, cardiovascular and pulmonary issues, flu and viral conditions, and stomach and gastrointestinal disorders. Our ER also treats bumps, bruises, and less-serious conditions that still require immediate care. When a patient is experiencing any medical emergency, nothing is more important than having trust in one’s physician and feeling secure in one’s surroundings. At Physicians Regional, we take our patients’ expectations very seriously.

In the words of Dr. David Childress, Director of Emergency Medical Care for Physicians Regional/Collier Boulevard, “We are fully committed to serving the emergency medical needs of Marco Island and the surrounding areas as many of us call Marco ‘home.’ I have personally been a Marco resident since 2010. My Emergency Room associates, Dr. James Klein, Dr. Martin Pontasch, and Dr. Jorge Mujica also live on Marco. Our obligation to Marco’s patient population comes, in part; from an understanding we are caring for our friends and neighbors.”

As recently reported, our commitment to the health care needs of Marco is growing as we continue our plans to open a Walk-In Clinic on Marco by late 2012.

We continue to prove, when it comes to the health and well being of Marco, no one cares more about this community than my colleagues—the extraordinary doctors, nurses, and clinicians of Physicians Regional.

Above all—thank you to the citizens of Marco Island for embracing Physicians Regional Healthcare System as a central part of your vibrant community.

C. Scott Campbell is CEO, Physicians Regional Healthcare System/Collier Boulevard. You may reach him by contacting


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