Sunday, January 26, 2020

How to Anchor Your Boat on Your Fishing Trip

Saltwater fishing is definitely an exciting experience and is a great hobby to adopt when you live in the 10,000 Islands region. One of the more basic skills to learn if you take a boat out on the water is the proper way to anchor the boat. While not everyone will anchor their boat every time they venture out, it is still good knowledge to have.

Today, we will be going over a few of the more important points to keep in mind when learning how to anchor your boat on your next fishing trip.

The Steps to Anchor Your Boat

First, you want to determine the water depth of where you wish to drop the anchor. You can then calculate the anchor scope. It is recommended to have a 7:1 ratio. This means you should have seven feet of scope to one foot of water depth.

You can then lower the anchor, let out enough scope, and secure the rope of the anchor to the bow cleat of the boat.

When dropping your anchor, you also want to make sure there is no kind of dragging, and you want to use landmarks to measure movement. This will all tell you if you need to reposition the anchor.

How to Retrieve the Anchor

When it is time to raise your anchor, slowly begin pulling up on the rope. It should pull free. If it seems stuck, you may want to move the boat to change directions as you pull on the rope. You should also never tie off your anchor to the stern of the boat.


Other Anchor Tips

The wind is often a factor when anchoring your boat. If you have a larger boat, then you will find greater wind resistance, and this may cause a heavier pull on the anchor. So, when you size the anchor you are going to use, make sure it can withstand heavier weather.

You should also inspect the anchor system regularly to make sure there are no points of damage or weakness.

Finally, when anchoring, take your time. Use a slow and very cautious approach as you lower and raise your anchor just as you would while docking your boat. If you take the time to prepare and practice your anchoring skills, you will find it gets much easier with each trip.

Keep in mind that if you are interested in learning more about fishing in our area, or just getting to know your new or existing boat, you can always hire a professional guide before going out on your own to gain local knowledge of tackle, baits, areas to fish, local regulations, anchoring and more. Send us an email or give us a call to schedule an “on the water” educational fishing charter. Our specialty is getting families out for an enjoyable and memorable day in the shallow and calm waters here in the 10,000 Islands and the Everglades National Park, Florida. We can be reached at or shoot us an email at or call 239-571-1756.

Captain Brandon has been fishing the 10,000 Islands and Everglades National Park as a full time guide for the last 11 years. He grew up fishing these waters and has never left them. He has since been joined by his two sons, who now guide with him. He and his wife opened Everglades Bait and Tackle back in 2012 so his whole family has fishing in their blood.

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