Thursday, April 15, 2021

Historic Buildings in Our First County Seat

Everglades City might have been slammed by Hurricane Irma but many of the historic buildings in this old town are still standing and have a tale to tell.

Local historian Marya Repko will give an illustrated presentation about Collier County’s first seat on Wednesday, November 8, at 2 PM in the Naples Depot to coincide with the special exhibit there.

She will describe how Barron Collier decided on this remote village for his headquarters and built a planned town with its grandiose neo-classical courthouse at the center. In only five years, both the city and the Tamiami Trail were completed, an amazing engineering feat given the obstacles (muck, mosquitoes, remoteness) that his team faced.

The talk is free and everyone is welcome.

For information, call Jon Nickerson at 239- 262-6525.

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