Friday, May 7, 2021

Help Needed For Lely Students

Coastal Comments


  • FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) has begun work on improving the road surface (Washboard Road) on Collier Boulevard, and that work will continue for a while. Right now they are in the preparation stages, and sadly it appears, they’ll be doing a lot of the major work during our high season! We asked them to please delay it until afterward, but it looks like that wasn’t possible. I understand there a is a lot of work that needs to be done in that area, so we’ll have to figure out ways to get around it.
  • FDOT will also be working on U. S. 41 E to install street lights along the portion they widened a few years ago in front of Reflection Lakes, Naples Reserve, Charley’s Estates, Imperial Wilderness, etc. This lighting will increase the safety along that roadway immensely.
  • I just heard the other day of the many needs the students have at Lely High School. They never complain, never ask for anything, and as far as I know, no one ever seems to come to their rescue. Maybe those who read this might be able to help. They need simple things like two cooler/chillers for their football team. They need other things too, but I’m going to get a list and see if you, out there, will help answer their needs. I know the Marco Kiwanis donates to the Marco Island Academy, but just maybe another group might want to help out here a little. They have GREAT KIDS AT LELY! Did you know they have classes on Economics, Engineering, Aviation, etc., but what they don’t have are terrific benefactors! Maybe we, as a community, can help to fill some of their needs. If anyone has a club or organization that is looking to help our kids, PLEASE let me know. Call Mike at 239-252-8601 and he’ll enter it into a separate column so that we have a record of who calls. We’ll turn that over to the East Naples Civic Association and have them work on it. We don’t know any agencies that donate to a high school, but maybe someone out there does! The things they need are part of their supplies at school, like music instruments, possibly uniforms for different activities, etc. Right now I’ve contacted someone at Lely and asked him to be my contact person so we can get this show on the road. I mentioned it at our ENCA luncheon, and when one woman won the 50/50, she donated the $96 back to help buy that chiller. That means we almost have one already! I’ll write more as I get more information, but I wanted you to put your thinking cap on and come up with ideas to help, if you can.
  • Speaking of Lely High School, The Lely DECA Club (Distributive Education Clubs of America), a business club at Lely, is making donations to the victims in the Bahamas, and a pilot – a lady pilot named Andi Miller, a 2018 graduate of Lely High School, who took classes with instructor Alan Davis, will be flying his airplane for the trip! I’ve asked a teacher to take pictures so we can publish them in this newspaper. They have already taken two trips of supplies over and are planning this next one on Sept. 24th, and expect to fly another one over shortly. The students have collected everything and are packing it and loading it on the plane. And I have to thank Adam Peterson especially, for letting me know about this wonderful gesture to help others in need! They really are great kids!
  • It seems everyone is talking about next year’s election, so I’d like to chime in and say so far we have five candidates who have filed to run for District 1 Commissioner. Also, there are two candidates running for District 3 and two candidates running for District 5, so there is plenty of interest in next year’s elections. In District One I’ve been contacted by three other individuals who are thinking about filing and two very seriously. Do I have a favorite at this time? Gosh, I don’t even know who else will file to run, so it would be very premature for me to think of one person over the others. We all want to see what they are all about and what their plans are to be a successful commissioner.

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