Monday, October 26, 2020

Hazards to Avoid While Summer Fishing in Florida


Photos by Capt. Pete Rapps | Sunscreen is essential while on the water.

While the 10,000 Islands area in Florida is home to some great fishing around this time of year, it is easy to overlook a few simple things that could pose a potential hazard when not considered. It is summertime and with it comes the excitement of trying out your new fishing gear and getting some much-needed sun and relaxation while reeling in your fresh catch.

However, summertime in Florida is definitely hot, and there are a few things you should know before you hit the shoreline or go out on the boat this year.


Always bring along plenty of water while you are out fishing. Whether you stay along the shoreline or you have chartered a boat, it is important to drink at least one gallon of water per day if you are participating in any outdoor activities- including fishing.

Remember, beach sand also reflects the sun very well in South Florida, so make sure you take breaks and seek shade and solace from the hot sun to help avoid the risk of heat exhaustion. Anglers have also been known to utilize beach umbrellas to help keep their gear and live bait nice and cool.

Heat and Sunburns

During the summer, we see an elevated number of heat-related injuries and sickness that include sunburns, dehydration, and heat stroke. When fishing, you should be sure to wear the right gear to protect yourself from the sun. Utilize a wide-brimmed hat that will shade your head and face along with sunglasses to protect your eyes. Never skimp on the sunscreen either. Photos with this column are of some of the great sun protection options at Everglades City Bait and Tackle shop.

It is recommended that you do most of your fishing in the early morning hours or early evening hours when the heat isn’t as bad, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the sunscreen and other precautions because the sun can still reach you.

Avoid Getting Lost

If you are new to the area and are unsure of how to navigate, it may be in your best interest to charter a boat. Chartering a boat gives you access to experienced and knowledgeable guides who can help you explore the area year-round and can typically accommodate men, women, and children.

Because some of the backwaters may be uninhabited, you may find it difficult to find help if you do end up getting lost or need assistance. You may also find that there is no or very limited cell service. Having a guide is the best way to navigate and avoid any unnecessary hazards.

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