Sunday, April 11, 2021

Goren On Bridge

Light opening roadmap



North’s two no trump bid was very aggressive. Perhaps he felt that the hand would play well with his ace-queens sitting over the opening bidder. South was left with a challenging hand to play.

South allowed East’s king of hearts and the jack of hearts continuation to both hold the trick. He won the third round of hearts with the ace, dummy having discarded a club and a spade, and stopped to think. West had to hold all of the missing high cards for his feather-light opening bid. South needed four diamond tricks to have a chance, so he led a diamond to the queen and cashed the ace. The fall of the king gave him hope, and he quickly cashed two more diamond tricks. West shed a club and a spade and dummy another spade.

South now led the eight of clubs. Had West covered with the king, declarer would have won with the ace, come back to his hand with the jack, and end-played West with a heart. West could cash a long heart but would have to lead away from his king of spades in the end. When West held back his king, South let the eight of clubs run into East. South won the ace of spades shift and had three club tricks to bring his total to nine. Well played!

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