Sunday, April 11, 2021

Goodland Road Suffers More Fair Weather Flooding

Village all but cut off for four hours

Saturday, October 7, was a clear day in Goodland. A moderate southwest breeze and slightly cooler temperatures were welcomed by residents here. For the first time in weeks, no storms were reported anywhere near the village. And yet, between 2 and 6 PM, Goodland was all but cut off from the mainland by the worst fair weather flooding in the last couple of years.

Only the foolhardy or those absolutely needing to get home braved the two to three-foot waters during this time.

It was an excruciatingly slow mostly one-lane 3 mph crawl, in an effort to keep the Marco River from completely swamping the motors. With difficulty, many turned back, both coming and going. It was not fun to watch the struggling drivers.

Photos by Barry Gwinn

Goodland Road:  30 minutes before high tide, looking north from Sunset Court, much of the incoming and outgoing traffic turned back before reaching this stretch (10/7/17, 3:30 PM). 

Depending on the road for their livelihood, merchants must navigate regardless of condition. 

Flooding at Stan’s: One of the lowest spots of the original Goodland Road, before it enters Goodland proper, rising to the ancient Indian shell mounds. (10/7/17, 3:40 PM). 










Jamie Bozicnik and her sister, Marion Biddle left their car near San Marco Road and hitched a ride with a debris truck to get back in. 

A fulltime resident runs the gauntlet to return home. 










Rising waters flood in through Stan’s boat ramp and across his parking lot.

A three-wheeler tackles Goodland Road flooding.

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