Saturday, April 17, 2021

Goodland Baptist Bounces Back

Services to resume on Sunday, October 29

Goodland Baptist Church  last spring. Fellowship Hall (now wrecked) at middle left. (Photo by Barry Gwinn)

On October 17  Goodland Baptist Church Pastor Richard Hughe announced, at a Goodland town meeting, that Hurricane Irma had caused $30K to $40K in damages to the church sanctuary, and that fellowship hall in the rear had been almost totally destroyed.

“The Southern Baptist Convention has sent down volunteers” Hughes said, “and they are furnishing all of the workers and materials to rebuild the sanctuary.” Hughes seemed almost apologetic that he would be unable to minister to a devastated village.

Those volunteers must be something because today Hughes announced a total redo of the sanctuary and resumption of services as of tomorrow, Sunday October 29, at 11 AM. That’s fast work.

“We want to get back to meeting again so we can see how we may help with the needs of those around us,” said Hughes.

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