Sunday, March 7, 2021

Girl Scouts Clean Up Monofilament at Caxambas Park

Thumbs down on monofilament lines from members of Girl Scout Troop 873.

For members of Girl Scout Troop 873 of Naples, their Saturday morning excursion to the Caxambas Park and Boat Ramp started out with an on-site visit to the burrowing owls. Alli Smith, lead researcher for Audubon of the Western Everglades, gave a tour and a brief lesson on Marco’s charismatic resident raptors. Part of the visit included a clean-up of the surrounding area. What started as an uneventful pick-up of the usual trash items, turned into a rude awakening on the amount of monofilament fishing lines discarded by recreational anglers.

Monofilament kills and maims wildlife, including burrowing owls. Monofilament lines easily get snagged on the small feet, beak and wings of the burrowing owls. Just looking around Caxambas Park and Boat Ramp, one could see monofilament lines strewn around on the ground and snagged on benches and shrubs. It only takes one line snagged in a tree or bush to entangle and kill wildlife.

Simple Rules:

  • Properly dispose used fishing line in trash containers, or
  • Use Monofilament Recycling Bins (MRB) located at marinas and boat ramps.
  • Pick up discarded fishing lines along waterways and properly dispose of it.
  • Tell your friends to do the same.

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