Friday, April 16, 2021

Gifts from the Arbor Day Foundation

Celebrate this year’s holiday season with
friends and loved ones while supporting
conservation and tree planting with the help
of the Arbor Day Foundation.
• Returning for the eighth season in a row,
Give-A-Tree cards from the Arbor Day
Foundation offer a unique holiday giving
opportunity with conservation benefits
that will endure for generations. Give-ATree cards can be purchased individually
and with customized text. Cards can be
purchased for $5.95.
• Purchasing the Arbor Day Foundation’s
coffee helps preserve rain forests
in Central and South America. The
Foundation’s coffee, a part of the Rain
Forest Rescue program, is shade-grown
under the canopy of Latin American
rain forests. Unlike sun-grown coffee
plantations, this traditional shadegrown method gives the coffee a rich
and delicious flavor. Each bag helps
preserve 2 feet of rain forest. Cost per
bag is $13.49, including shipping.
• The Foundation’s Trees in Celebration
program allows the giver to honor
loved ones while supporting crucial
conservation efforts. For each dollar
donated, one tree is planted in a highneed forest, and recipients are given a
certificate showing them where the trees
were planted.
• Give the gift of membership with the
Arbor Day Foundation and recipients
will be sent 10 free trees, which will
be shipped at the right time of year for
planting. Membership levels vary and
begin with a $10 contribution.
To purchase holiday gifts that give back
to the planet, visit

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