Monday, May 17, 2021

Galahad Winner Chosen



By Natalie Strom

A29-CBN_10-18-13-6Time sure flies when you’re busy saving lives.

It has already been a year since the Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation and Coastal Breeze News announced the First Annual Galahad Award recipient, and now it’s time to name another. Many loyal readers sent in their nominations to Coastal Breeze for this year’s deserving winner. Working together, the MIFRF and Coastal Breeze sifted through names and acts of bravery, finally coming up with a winner.

However, the name of this individual cannot yet be released – because they don’t know that they’ve won! Prior to November 7, this courageous and properly trained individual will be given notice of the honor to be stowed upon them. On November 7, the Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation will gather together to award the second shield of bravery to this fine individual.

Named for Sir Galahad, the bravest knight of King Arthur’s Round Table, the award reflects the acts of Galahad as told in stories. Criteria for the award are as follows:

• Either PREVENTION or INTERVENTION: Did someone you know intervene during a disastrous situation while waiting for emergency help? Or maybe your business or condominium has updated their fire sprinklers or smoke alarms for prevention purposes

• INITIATIVE: Taking action is always the first step. Whether it be before a problem exists or intervening during a crisis, willingness to spring into action can mean the difference between life and death.




Understanding one’s surroundings and what to do in a critical situation can be crucial. CPR and AED training and knowledge of local emergency response teams and healthcare centers play a major role in diverting disaster.

• COURAGE and BRAVERY: In an emergency situation, it takes a certain set of you-know-what to get involved. Overcoming fear and stepping up to lead in these types of events is something that not everyone is capable of.

Meeting all criteria is key to winning the award. This year’s recipient took initiative in a crisis situation, intervening to help save a life. With the proper training, the second annual winner showed courage and bravery by calmly stepping into a crisis scenario and taking control of the situation. The actions were also verified by the Marco Island Fire Department.

This year’s ceremony will not only honor the Galahad recipient, but will also award another member of our community with a special acknowledgement: the Galahad Recognition Award for Education. Once again, this is still a surprise to the recipient. This person’s tireless efforts to educate youngsters on safety and life saving skills are deserving of such a special award.

The next edition of Coastal Breeze will announce the winners, tell their stories and feature photos from the Second Annual Galahad Award celebration.

Thank you to all who sent in nominees. It is always difficult to decide who is deserving of such an honor. All nominees deserve our gratitude and thanks for their efforts of bravery. Keep up the good work everyone!

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