Sunday, April 11, 2021

Food Pantry Benefits from United Church’s Generosity

It is often said that you lead by example in this world and the Marco Island community is a perfect illustration of that phrase. The United Church of Marco Island opened the doors to Disseler Hall to host the annual Bargain Basket Fashion Show as part of their fundraising efforts to assist the many charities that the church supports.

The church also runs Marco’s popular thrift store, the Bargain Basket at 750 Bald Eagle Drive. Last week the popular annual event brought out another great crowd to admire some of the finest fashions found hanging on the racks of the popular resale store.

Besides donations from generous parishioners, much of the monies raised by the church for their charitable donations within the community and their international outreach programs comes from the efforts of more than 100 volunteers who work at the Bargain Basket.

Fanny Frugal

The annual event doesn’t rely upon professional models, but instead on the modeling expertise of their many volunteers who strutted the red carpet adorning the walkway that afternoon.

Those who attended were treated to a selection of hors d’oeuvres, desserts and refreshments. They could also purchase raffle tickets to benefit the event.

Of course, one of the highlights of the afternoon’s activities came about when the Bargain Basket’s own comedic “Fanny Frugal” made her much-anticipated annual appearance. She demonstrated her astonishment at why someone would spend three dollars for a dress at the Bargain Basket when by being frugal they could create their own colorful sundress made of coffee filters for less.

Thirty different gifts were won during the show by attendees who had purchased raffle tickets from the volunteers.

The largest winner of the day was the island’s Food Pantry, when John Campbell, the Chairman of the United Church’s Mission Committee presented the representatives of the Food Pantry with a check for $15,000 to assist in the wonderful work that they do throughout the year, both on the island and in the greater Marco area.

Those monies are received through the charitable fundraising done by the church and from the proceeds derived from the sales at the Bargain Basket with the hard work of its volunteers.

The Food Pantry receives a $15,000 donation from the United Church of Marco Island. From left: Celia Bolzani, JoAnn Lundquist, Liz Pecora, Vickie Johnson, Samantha Kopren, Mark Williams, Pat Kaufman and John Campbell. |Photos by Steve Stefanides

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