Sunday, April 18, 2021

Flying with Fogarty



By Coastal Breeze News Staff

The wind comes in from the Gulf. You are standing on the beach and you feel it in your hair. You raise your arms and you close our eyes. Your arms become your wings and you are FLYING!

Have you dreamed that dream? Have you sailed among the clouds with an eagle as your companion? Have you gazed down at the Ten Thousand Islands with your flying comrades – the birds?

You can do it. Pilots do it all the time. Pilots do it in jumbo jets and they do it in graceful light single engine airplanes. The world becomes new and full of freedoms one never knew existed. Snorkeling in the Caribbean for the day – visiting a grandchild in another state for the afternoon – lunch in Savannah and back by sunset.

Jim Fogarty, owner and teacher of Fogarty Flying, starts to glow as he describes his students. “The excitement of a student, who has just had his first flying lesson is indescribable,” he smiles. “Leaving the ground is an awesome experience,” he continues pointing out that, “learning to fly is an enormous responsibility and a challenging endeavor, but the rewards and satisfaction are immeasurable.”

Fogarty is offering a twelve week preparation course for the written exam that is required for a Private Pilot License. He describes the course as a way to open one’s eyes to the world of aviation, providing the information the pilot needs to comply with Federal Aviation regulations; a chance to learn the workings

Learn to fly with Jim Fogarty. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Learn to fly with Jim Fogarty. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

of the weather and to navigate the relationship between the pilot and his or her aircraft.

The course will be held at the Marco Island Executive Airport on Mainsail Drive, beginning September 23. The airport and its environs are warm and inviting with facilities to acclimate and encourage beginning and aspiring pilots.

Fogarty’s aviation career began when he started to hang around the Youngstown Airport in Youngstown, Ohio. Barely a teenager, he made his first solo flight at 13 and was licensed at 18. He began teaching in the 1970s and can teach everything from instrument flying to commercial flight requirements. His aircraft, a crisp, shining Cessna 172, has all of the new-fangled electronic gadgetry that we know and love – GPS tracker, computer interfaces, iPad capability, etc.

Fogarty has had great success with what he calls “mature” students. He explains that good judgement, great motivation and the patience to learn thoroughly and carefully makes it satisfying to teach these mature students, making for excellent results. His teaching partner, Georgia Faulkner, joins him in the classes and encourages the patience and good judgement she sees in the women who have caught the “flying bug.”

Do you have a bucket list that includes learning to fly? Call Fogarty Flying. They will help you realize one of the most exciting and fulfilling dreams you have ever imagined. Remember flying with Snoopy on his Sopwith Camel Doghouse? Try it for real and make Fogarty’s class your doorway to magic.

Register today. Contact Jim at 239-285-5208 or or Georgia Faulkner at 239-631-9840.


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