Saturday, April 17, 2021

Fishing: A Natural Stress Reliever!

Sometimes it’s not always about the big catch. PHOTO BY NATALIE STROM

Sometimes it’s not always about the big catch. PHOTO BY NATALIE STROM

Captain Mary A. Fink

The great sport of fishing provides both intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) rewards. The most obvious extrinsic reward for many is the excitement and thrill of battling a fish on the end of the line and possibly the pleasure of a delicious meal to follow! Most fishing programs and articles relating to fishing deal primarily with the extrinsic reward the sport provides when all goes well. This includes tips relating to tackle, bait presentation, types of fish caught and other tangible and quantifiable qualities relating to fishing. In this article, the intrinsic value of fishing will be addressed.

For this Charter Captain and writer, catching a fish is simply a bonus because the intrinsic value experienced far outweighs the extrinsic rewards found when producing caught fish. The boundless beauty found in the Ten Thousand Islands and Everglades National Park areas, where many people choose recreate and fish, provides a National Wildlife Refuge for numerous species of birds, mammals, vegetation and fish. In today’s fast paced, technical world, little compares to the relaxation and enjoyment that can be found when fishing in the numerous rivers, lakes, bays and open waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Only when I fish do I find my genuine “zen” like peace and a serene calmness that can only be described as a mental state of thoughtless thought. Although fishing requires some action, the actual outcome is most often relaxation. When fishing, one has no choice but to become mentally engaged in the environment. One must notice things! When the iPad, cell phone and other technical devices take a back seat to the environment, true relaxation can take place. When fishing in our beautiful fish-rich waters, our senses become quite naturally heightened. We feel the breeze on our faces; we see the abundant wildlife along the mangrove islands and beaches; we hear the calming sounds of water lapping and spirited birds singing. Perhaps the pleasant aroma of sea salt can be detected in the air we breathe as well. It’s all encompassing when you truly become engaged with nature, and all of this can be experienced under the guise of fishing! Fishing gives you the excuse needed to get lost for a day in an area that is one of the state of Florida’s final frontiers – and it’s only a step away from your front door if you are fortunate enough to live in Southwest Florida!

Give me a call today and allow me to share with you both the extrinsic and intrinsic values this great sport can provide. Catching fish is simply an added bonus when spending a day on our local waters, although the thrilling extrinsic value of catching fish is guaranteed when you join forces with Island Girls Charters!

Tight Lines!


Captain Mary specializes in fishing the beautiful Ten Thousand Islands. She holds a “six pack” captains license and has a knack for finding fish. A passionate angler possessing over 35 years of extensive experience in both back country and offshore fishing, Mary offers fishing expeditions through her Island Girls Charters company. When fishing with Captain Mary, you will be exposed to a variety of successful techniques including cast and retrieve, drift fishing, bottom fishing and sight fishing. Visit to learn about fishing with Capt. Mary. Or reach her at 239-571-2947.


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