Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Fellow Marco Residents

Let’s clear the air:

  1. RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MEDICAL MARIJUANA. Medical marijuana is a wonderful aid for qualified patients and is legally available, with a prescription, in Florida. That’s fine. 
  2. Recreational marijuana, on the other hand, is anyone’s mind-altering, reality-escaping, substance derived from the cannabis plant. It is illegal to use, possess or sell in Florida.
  3. Big money interests and some elected politicians are supporting movements to make recreational marijuana legal in Florida. Big bucks of profits and taxes are calling.
  4. If and when recreational marijuana becomes legal in Florida, selling it on a tiny island like Marco might not be particularly good for the residents. 
  5. It’s not unreasonable to have Marco voters decide having a pre-existing ordinance prohibiting the sale of recreational marijuana on Marco Island. WE, Marco Residents, should make that decision, not the profiteers or politicians.
  6. If you’re a registered Marco voter and believe that the question of selling recreational marijuana on Marco Island should be put to Marco voters this year, please go to There you’ll be provided a petition to sign and a sample city ordinance.
  7. About 1300 signed petitions from registered Marco voters are needed simply to put the question on this year’s ballot.
  8. Above all, please understand the HUGE difference between medical and recreational marijuana. Not knowing that difference can result in a woefully mistaken opinion.
  9. You’re an informed voter. Please do get your petition at for the chance to vote.

Russ Colombo
755 Plantation Crt
Marco Island, FL

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